Welcome to the Nursing Home Ministry. A place where you impact the valuable lives of the older generation during a time where they  experience pronounced feelings of loneliness, frustration, worthlessness, and pain – and you can help them take back their joy, strength and zeal for life, as they embrace the message of the good news of the cross.

 By joining the Nursing Home Ministry, you will attend  one of the Nursing Homes once  a month, with a zealous team of people to preach the good news of Jesus Christ and worship together with the folk, in the safety of their environment.

If your heart is for the weak to say, “I am strong”, if  your heart is to preach the good news to the lost, set captives free spiritually, emotionally and mentally; to bind up the broken-hearted, give a voice to the voiceless and empower others to start afresh, even in the later years of their lives, then this may be the place for you.

Please contact the office on 01707 322 244 for more information.

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