The purpose of this group is to give moral support to all mothers who are about to or have given birth in the past two years. The door will be open to Christian and non-Christian mums and whoever would like to connect with others in the same situation. We also welcome ladies who are planning to embark on this journey of a life time!

Everyone will be given a chance to open up, get advice and socialize during what some times it could be overwhelming time.

There will be an opportunity to pray together, share scriptures, open talks and share about any challenges they are going through.

The aim of the group is to reach out to those ladies who do not know Christ and really just be an example of what a life with Jesus could be like. It will not be done in a forceful way but simply be available, loving and caring o those in need and allowing the love of Christ to flow through and the Holy Spirit to do the work.

If you’d like to join our group, then please contact the church office on 01707 322 244.

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